Welcome to Al-Azhar Martial Arts Academy. We have been teaching the Indonesian art of Pencak Silat in the Northern VA area for over 10 years. Our school is operated under 3 core values:


All students are taught to give their utmost effort in class as well as outside of class. The lazier you are when you practice, the worse your chances of defending yourself in an encounter in the outside world.


Learning intensive martial arts is a slow and gradual process. Mastering the techniques discussed in class take a great amount of time. Students are taught to be patient in their approach to learning.


Students are taught respect for not only for their instructor, but also for their parents, classmates, and elders. Kak Terra places great emphasis on the value of honoring loved ones, and in this institution, also learning how to protect them as well as themselves.

An amazing academy where I have learned a great deal about self-defense! I am more confident in my everyday life when surrounded by those physically larger and stronger than myself.

Shehzad Sadiq

It is truly a unique experience being a part of this academy. I love the small class sizes that allow for more personalized lesssons and overall instruction!

Muhammad Al-Rashad

We live in a world where pretty much anything can happen and without warning. I've learned a great deal about awareness of one's environment and how to keep onesself safe from unwanted attackers.

Sulaiman Ishaq

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